Sinnning Tree

by Cave People

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released October 28, 2016

Dave Tomaine (Guitar/Vox)
Russell Edling (Bass/Guitar/Keys)
Ben Walsh (Percussion)

Engineered by Matt Schimelfenig

Master by Andy Clarke



all rights reserved


Stereophonodon Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia's smallest/dumbest/coolest record label.

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Track Name: Nothing(Yours&Mine)
Nothing last forever
Let’s see how much we can fit
Between our clever responses
Between our fingers like gloves knit
To warm us in the winter
Don’t mind the cold, soon you won’t feel
Any more biting, it’s already had its fill

I told you so’s and always known’s and so it goes
Enemies close and your mouth closed and dirty clothes

I’m not remembering right
Can’t keep it straight in my mind
Can’t keep you alive
Can’t tell yours from mine
Track Name: Comfort
I tried to memorize your features praying they’d be fine
I said your name to God I begged him to make you come tonight
Into my room, with my forked tongue
Inside my mouth, with my heavy lungs

I hope I make you feel as uncomfortable as you make me feel so uncomfortable I hope I make you feel as uncomfortable as you make me feel so uncomfortable I hope I make you feel as uncomfortable as you make me feel
Track Name: Little Things
Remind me of the little things
The tiny cracks in your ceiling
And I’ll fill my hands with offerings
Whatever keeps you happy in
A city where seasons don’t change
They just shake hands and walk away
With nothing more than a “hey thanks”
Lets raise a glass to civility

I’ve been hanging around here
I’ve been hanging around and around and around

In a dream where I think I’m awake
I washed myself for forty days
But the dirt’s not coming off of me
Soiled in this apathy

And I keep saying it’s the last time
I keep saying I’ve finally got it right

Remind me of the little things
The tiny voices inside of me
With their simple answers to everything
Track Name: Fall
I hope Adam and Eve drank coffee together after the fall
And laughed at their silly decisions, kissed on the floor
And if I get to heaven and I don’t see your face
Well I’ll clip my wings and use my halo to dig to the other place

No I don’t think I’ll be back I finally flew away
And somewhere was lost your former lover’s former face
I found a blank canvas, it was too beautiful to paint
So I hung it in a gallery, said here’s your past and here’s your fate

Just want to wander off, wish they’d all stop staring at me
Wave goodbye, there’s nothing left here to see

All my friends are getting older, we’ve all begun to fade away
I hoped tomorrow would be golder, but the forecast says it’ll be gray

So I hold on tight, I don’t want to be blown away
Track Name: Hands
“Just a shape to fill the lack”
The sounds our mouths keep making
Awake before the crash,
We don’t notice what we’re breaking
No I don’t think we do
I don’t think we do

You feel like winter’s cold at night when I’m walking home through things that I’ll never know found in public opinion
It’s circumstantial evidence, it’s inconvenient circumstance, it’s all the things we’ll never have
And my lack of interest

I’m getting so tired of all of this
I don’t even know what it is
Something I saw as a kid
In a place that won’t exist
Not with middle management and hands only waving

I remember
Track Name: Small
Take all your parts and pieces and spread them on the floor
Forced shapes and bent corners, you don’t look like much at all
I’ve been living in photographs, I’ve been hiding in dreams I had

Now I’m scarred from kneeling down to false gods
Dirty cuts I never got the chance to clean up

You were better when you were small
I was better when I was small
Track Name: Shelter
I don’t hate you like I wanted to
I can’t love you like I thought I could
It goes to show just what happens between an impulse and a screen
I saw you in a burst of light, you faded right before my eyes
Now we write these songs in memory of things we used to be

Sheltered now in our private places
Strangers now, we just know each other a bit too well

You were someone I thought about, now an old abandoned house the neighborhood kids gather round to try and knock your windows out
And I guess we’re better off this way

You held me so I couldn’t leave
Caught up in some thin retreat
Track Name: Enemy
I won’t say anything
Silent weeds strangle baby trees
I’ll take for granted everything
I don’t want to be your enemy

You’ve got a sharp tongue
You cut me open
I’ll drown in this blood
The one I came from
It’s never enough
For the things that we’ve done
The things that we love

I won’t say anything
Broken branches of our misery
Tell me again how I’m failing
I don’t want to be your enemy
Track Name: Sinning Tree
I like your backbone
Because I’ve never had one
Through cracks in the floor I’m trying to be someone

Come dissect me
Do it gently
Wonder what we’ll see spilling on the floor

Oh I know, I know, it’s been a long time coming with so long to go
And all the things you’ve taken have been given freely
There’s no one awake
What’s left after the storm
A wake
Bodies we’re just keeping warm

Take me lightly, I might say something I mean
Now that I’m at the table I’m not hungry
I’m so full of everything

I name you sympathy
I name you Sinning Tree
I name you everything grown so deep inside of me

A hungry mouth to feed
Track Name: Ryd
Wash out my memories
I’m feeling heavy, get me
Drunk off Lethe
I can pay the fair

Now we’re so hungry
Begging to leave
You came to get me
Turned back, no one was there

We were so innocent
So well intentioned
Now our pennies are spent getting places you don’t visit

The sun’s always burning gray
I’m waiting to fade away
Content to say I’m losing interest
I guess I thought you would’ve been here

No I’m not losing interest
You should have been here